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Terms of service


Conditions of the contract with the online retailer “Celmade Korea”

The buyer of the goods (also referred to as the “Buyer”) and the online store (hence referred to as the “Internet-shop”) both agree to abide by the conditions of this Agreement.

All terms refer to the offer, acceptance, and consideration of payment necessary to carry out the process of giving the buyer our assistance in the most appropriate way, whether through formal meetings of a set length or any other means, for the express purpose of satisfying the buyer’s needs in relation to the provision of the Company’s stated services/products, in accordance with and subject to, prevailing Korean Law. The aforementioned terminology and other words, whether used in the singular, plural, he/she, or they format, are recognized to be interchangeable and to refer to the same thing.


The suppliers give us the goods together with the description, cost, and other details. We solely use them to provide information. The content owners are the ones that possess the rights to these. Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.We won’t be held responsible if the wrong address receives the bought items because the shipping address was entered improperly. You are responsible for including accurate shipping information with the order.


1.1 By placing an order on Celmade Korea’s website, the Buyer accepts these terms and conditions.

1.2 Although the personal information of the Buyer is saved for the purpose of facilitating the sale of goods advertised on the website, it is not disclosed to third parties.

The online retailer retains the right to use this data for marketing purposes (such as electronic mailings, traffic analysis, and sales data analysis).

1.3 The Buyer promises to give true, accurate, and up-to-date information about himself and his contact details while registering at


2.1 Orders can be placed online at

2.2. Calls are taken and orders are processed around-the-clock.

2.3. The Buyer will receive notification via email that his order has been accepted by the automatic order management system after placing it, and a representative of the online store will get in touch with him shortly to confirm the order, confirm the availability of the ordered goods, and clarify the terms of payment and delivery.

2.4 If the Buyer has not moved through the order confirmation stage and the purchase has not been paid for, the order is not regarded as having been issued.

2.5 Cancellations of orders are typically not accepted. If the business decides that the order hasn’t been delivered, it will accept the cancellation and issue a credit to the customer’s wallet instead. The Company retains the right, in its sole discretion, to permit order cancellation.


3.1 The “Delivery and Payment” section governs the terms of payment and delivery of the goods to the buyer.

PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and the net banking service offered by the company’s payment gateway partners are all acceptable forms of payment. To give you more alternatives and/or to enhance the payment process, the payment options may occasionally be changed. In the event of fraudulent payments, we reserve the right to pursue legal action against you, including but not limited to disclosing your information to the necessary third parties. The Company has legal recourse and is governed by Korean law.


For prepayment orders, we reserve the right to charge you the following fees. However, at the company’s discretion, we might not charge you.

Delivery and Handling Charge: This charge will be applied to cover all or a portion of the costs associated with shipping and handling your item. You will always be informed of the fee amount before making a payment.


For orders of qualifying products, reward points will be given in accordance with the guidelines listed in the website’s Rewards area. Only those customers who have registered on the company’s website or mobile channels are eligible to earn and use reward points. Details on the redemption policy are available on the website’s Rewards page. Reward point earning or redemption disputes will be handled at the company’s discretion and will have no further appeal.The Company operates the Rewards points program entirely at its discretion.

3.2 The buyer is aware that there is a chance that the delivery could take longer than 10 to 15 working days (due to the quirks of how foreign delivery services operate, the volume of orders, which would lengthen the terms of each order, etc.), or it could be temporarily impossible. In this instance, the online retailer is under no duty to compensate the Buyer for any damages brought on by the order’s delayed delivery. The buyer has the right to reject the purchase on the day it is registered if he is dissatisfied with the delivery time by getting in touch with the owner of the online store

3.3 Before the purchase is processed, the buyer agrees to pay the order form in full on the website The amount for the goods will be on the buyer’s account balance in the case that the order may not have enough goods.

3.4. The buyer acknowledges all risks associated with passing through his or her country’s customs and agrees to assume full responsibility in the event of a delivery delay.


4.1 The Buyer must inspect the quantity and quality of the items received after receiving the order.


In the event that the purchased items are defective or incorrect, they may be returned within 7 days of delivery. If there are any issues for which you wish to return the goods, it is your responsibility to contact the company through phone or email as soon as you become aware of them.

Returns might be accepted if:

  • You have got the wrong product(s).
  • You received product(s) that are faulty or expired.
  • Returns typically won’t be accepted if
  • A food item that has been opened is a good.
  • The Company has exclusive discretion over all returns.
  • You must ship the returned item(s) back to the given return address. The Company may, in its sole discretion, compensate you for reasonable shipping expenses.

5.1 The Buyer must ask the online store representative to clarify the warranty period for the acquired items in order to avoid misunderstandings because different manufacturers offer various warranty terms for their products.

5.2. The manufacturer’s warranty period begins on the day the buyer receives the goods or the day they are supplied to him or her using the delivery method of their choice.


6.1. The Buyer must also specify if he wants an invoice when placing an order or entering into an agreement with the owner of the online store by calling one of the lines provided on the website


7.1 The online retailer reserves the right to make changes to the information, products, and pricing described in the contents and services offered on this site at any time and without prior notice.

7.2 The online retailer is under no circumstances liable for any harm (including harm from loss of data, profits, or interruption of business) caused by the use of or inability to use this website.

7.3 Due to your selection of the type of transportation services, the online retailer disclaims liability for any damages or losses incurred during the delivery of your purchase using the delivery method you selected. The transport business is in charge of packaging and delivery.


It is your obligation to keep confidential information secure, including the password to this company’s website (which is also required to access Celmade Korea Point) and details about financial instruments such credit card numbers and net banking passwords. If your credentials are stolen, the company is not responsible for any misuse, including financial loss from your account. If you become aware of a password loss or theft, you will notify the company right away.


The services advertised on this website, unless otherwise noted, are only applicable to postings from Korea or inside the world. The only market for which any advertising is intended is the global one. You are solely responsible for determining the acceptability of any downloads, applications, and content that you choose to access through this website. Without the express written approval of the Company, it is forbidden to redistribute or republicate any part of this website or its content, including through framing or other similar techniques. The Company will try its best to provide timely, error-free, and uninterrupted service, but it cannot promise these things. By making use of this service, you consent to indemnify and keep harmless this Company, its officers, employees, agents, and affiliates from any loss or injury, regardless of how it occurred.


Any unavoidable natural or man-made occurrence that leads to the termination of a contract or agreement, such as an act of God, terrorism, war, political insurrection, riot, civil unrest, uprising, earthquake, flood, or any other unavoidable occurrence, shall not subject either party to liability to the other party for any failure to perform any obligation under any Agreement. Any Party affected by such an incident shall promptly notify the other Party thereof and shall use reasonable endeavors to comply with the terms and provisions of any Agreement referred to herein.


11.1 The online store maintains the right to modify the terms of this Agreement. The online store commits to send the Buyer notice of any material modifications to the Agreement via email, and the Buyer consents to receiving such messages from the online store.

11.2 The website, an online retailer, promises to make the terms of this Agreement readily known to the Buyer.


Any Services Agreement may be terminated by either party, including us and the buyer, for any reason, including the cessation of services that have already begun. Where a Service is deemed to have started and is effectively under way, no refunds will be given. Any payments made to us that are thought to be payments for unused Services will be refunded. Refunds, if any, are only permitted for the amount of the disputed order and are solely at the Company’s discretion. Unless the buyer specifies otherwise, refunds will typically be given using the same payment method that was used for the Service. Refunds depend on the bank or card and take between 5 and 15 business days to appear in your account.


These terms and conditions are governed by Korean law. You agree to these terms and conditions and to the sole jurisdiction of the Korean courts in all disputes arising out of your access to and use of this website. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be severed from these terms, and the remaining provisions will still be in effect, if any of these terms are determined to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason (including, but not limited to, the exclusions and limitations set out above).The Company’s failure to enforce any of the terms set forth in these Terms and Conditions or any Agreement, or its failure to exercise any termination option, shall not be interpreted as a waiver of such terms and shall not impair the validity of these Terms and Conditions or of any Agreement or any part thereof, or the Company’s right to subsequently enforce each and every provision. Except when made in writing and signed by duly authorized Company officials, these Terms and Conditions may not be altered, changed, or augmented.


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